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 Early 2015
Our next event is Now in the planning stage .

“I attended a day-retreat hosted by Sam Phillips and Richard Burr at The Wider Road and was extremely impressed by their professionalism, sensitivity, and insight into the needs of their clientele.  The retreat was characterized by deep and meaningful discussions, expertly guided meditations, and an encompassing sense of peaceful and compassionate support that I felt uplifted everyone involved.  I believe The Wider Road is an important addition to the landscape of programs offering safe and healthy pathways to spiritual betterment and personal fulfillment in Southern California, and will be of benefit to anyone lucky enough to attend.”
 Jesse Fletcher, Ph.D.
Are You Ready?
Have you ever wanted to react to life as it is without carrying negative feeling along with you? Have you ever wanted to maintain a peaceful state of being, regardless of the world around you? Have you tried to breathe your way into calmness and struggled? Does the art of meditation leave you questioning? Here is that rare chance to grab hold of the personal changes you are looking for. A day or weekend retreat can be the start of something beautiful.
A journey into mindful meditation with a special focus on compassion for one's self and those around us. Body and breathing awareness, enlightening paradigm shifting  activities and a focus on spiritual principles.
The retreat will take place on the grounds of the Pasadena Museum Of History.
Come see what a difference a day can make.
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The Wider Road provides the highest quality spiritual growth opportunities for individuals, couples, or groups. 
The experience will teach personal involvement in mediation and a guide to spiritual principles, while allowing the individual to gain new understanding of themselves and their fellows.
By the end of the retreat our guests will have gained insight into what meditation and mindfulness is, the art of body awareness and breathing, emotional awareness, paradigm shifting,  and a tangible, doable  spiritual practice they can take from the retreat and use in their daily life.
A day retreat is a small of group participants, who will engage in meditative and mindfulness practices, activities, interactive group discussion.
Larger day retreats are offered only when the same value of experience for all guests can be assured.
The Wider Road
Mindful Spiritual thoughts2116 Wilshire Blvd #270
Santa Monica ,CA 90403

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